How to Send Emails on SmartPush?

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[Step 1] Sync your contacts

The list of contacts is the foundation for marketing campaigns. SmartPush will synchronize your customer list in the Admin with the "Contact" section. You can view the contact list by going to the [Contact] > [All] section.

In addition, SmartPush offers contacts import and export. You can confirm the sending list by importing a list of contacts. Click to see How to Import and Export Contacts.

[Step 2] Create segments

Establishing a segment is the most convenient way to send accurate marketing content to target users. You can send emails to specific segments to stimulate their conversions. You could also send the email to all subscribers and refine the audience group in the future.


[Step 3] Create marketing campaigns

Time to create your email! Go to [Campaign] > [Create marketing campaign] > [Create Email] to start building your campaign.



Please fill in the corresponding information according to the guidelines, including the campaign name, recipient, subject line, preview email text, and sender info. You can also set up the content language and UTM data tracking.

The campaign name is used to distinguish the campaigns of different stores, which will not appear in the email. You can name it for easy references, such as "New Product-Active Customer-2.16 Email."

Select to send the email to all email subscribers or the segment you created before. You can also exclude some recipients if you wish to avoid reaching them. Improve the efficiency of email advertising by setting precise segments and targeted marketing.


The subject line, the main title customers see when receiving emails, is crucial to the email’s open rate. Therefore, please pay extra attention to editing it! SmartPush offers catchy subject lines covering 20+ popular marketing events to ease your effort and improve campaign efficiency. Click "Recommended subject" to open the selection menu.


Insert the brand name as the sender’s name to promote your brand and leave an impression on the recipients. The email to receive replies generally uses customer service emails to handle customers' questions as promptly as possible and improve the store's transaction success rate.

As for the sender's email address, SmartPush has preset a public sender address for you to reach higher email sending efficiency. You can also consider using your unique sender address for better delivery performance. Click here to apply.


[Step 4] Design email

Click “Go to Design Email” and select from a range of templates monthly updated by SmartPush, or choose a blank template to customize the email style.

In the SmartPush email editor, drag the block from the left and customize the block on the right. After styling your email, you click "Test" and "Preview" to confirm the layout effect.


[Step 5] Send email

You are all set! Click "Send now" or "Schedule" to schedule your campaigns, and click "Create" to complete the email task.

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